The Slithering Snake

Matt Soto writes for Libusters, El Gráfico newspaper and El Regional magazine.

He also helped the Fresno Area Hispanic Chamber Commerce actualize a course in aiding business owners in creating and developing business goals.




 The Slithering Snake



According to Chinese Astrology, the snake has the character traits of intelligence, gracefulness and materialism. When it comes to decision-making, snakes are extremely analytical and as a result, they don't jump into situations. They are effective at getting the things they want, even if it means they have to scheme and plot along the way. But the vibration and heat from the earth has awakened the snake to its folly.

The cadence of the earth beating its drum to a populist energy, His eyes have been blinded since the beginning with an agenda of health care and hindered by the election results.

They seek from the government to listen to their needs of no more bailouts, smaller government, strict fiscal management, and help our economy grow.

Defeat for a snake is common but not an error. He sees defeat as a way to see the rodent trails. The rodents are joyous and content in their victory but they must act with trepidation and caution.

After the elections he was exposed to the reality of the earth so therefore, he will take the short route in an effort for appeasement to her. But surrender is neither a word nor action in his vocabulary.

His hypnotic speaking will neither be cold nor hot. For example, according to his speech on November 3, 2010, that he did a lot of listening.

He will not agree nor disagree with the earth but will appear to listen. The components of listening are as follows:

  • Look at the situation
  • Look at the feelings expressed
  • Be sincere
  • Restate the problem
  • Look for clarification.

As new proposals come to light, the rodents will ask for his direction but silence will fill the air. Like his speech on November 3, 2010 stated it will not be easy to resolve every disagreement or bridge every difference.

He will be secretive while he uses his infrared capabilities to see how the rodents play and seek for food.

Seeking refuge in caves and rocks until a new message emerges from the depths of the cave. The message will pattern something from a speech on November 3, 2010 as follows “But what I think the American people are expecting, and what we owe them, is to focus on those issues that affect their jobs, their security, and their future: reducing our deficit, promoting a clean energy economy, making sure that our children are the best educated in the world, making sure that we're making the investments in technology that will allow us to keep our competitive edge in the global economy.”


Is this rhetoric or a new norm?


These are treacherous and dark times for unknown factors and lack of confidence of the “slithering snake”.

Matt Soto