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What do these stories all have in common?
  • Our country gets addicted to oil and then blames OPEC when it doesn't like the price.
  • A woman who lost more $1 million gambling in Atlantic City sues some casinos for $20 million, claiming they should've stopped her compulsive gambling.
  • People who bought houses they couldn't afford with loans they didn't understand want their lenders to change the terms.

These stories prove how personal responsibility has all but vanished in America, and our government is leading the way. (Glenn Beck-CNN)

The economy now leads the minds of Americans. With the exception of Democrats, who tend to blame others rather than work on important issues. What many dont realize is the cost of what Democrats Such as Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid create themselves. Lawsuits which lack merit but recieve countless amounts of money, homes purchased with no hope of re-payment and fuel price increases when the majority wishes to exceed speed limits in order to save one minute than save one dollar. Government should not bail out the people who have deep expectations without deep pockets. For some unexplained reason people keep voting to keep the same politicians without thinking- Just as they do in their own"abnormal" routine of life.

In order to fix the economy we must fix ourselves first.