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Graduation rates below 50%?

America Has Lost Sight of a "Nation Under God"

Seventeen of the nation's 50 largest cities had high school graduation rates lower than 50 percent, with the lowest graduation rates reported in Detroit, Michigan , Indianapolis, Indiana and Cleveland, Ohio.

If no one can see the problem with education today, then perhaps they should enroll back into school. First, spanking was frowned upon then the ACLU forced removal of school prayer. Children took this message as "we can do what we want and if you tread on us we will call the authorities". Secondary education to higher learning is a middle class institution with a lower class government. Teachers are middle class, authors of textbooks are middle class and both have to deal with students who don't wish to be in class.

The moral decline is nearly frozen in our lives with the blame pointed at no one other than those who created the chaos.

Parents should be held accountable for a child's success in school rather than using schools as a babysitting service and then complaining to government.

Government holds most of the blame by not remembering a few words such as FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.

Teachers should also bear the brunt of the problem with union association. Unions have absolutely no place in the education of our future leaders.

Children will always feel they have no rights and continue to move into a negative direction. They are the casualties of this horrid war which unions neglect to understand.