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It's Our Future Stupid...

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

In vast ages of time, media has played a role. From drawings on cave walls to present day. Challenges of the digital age face a new era. Media has yet to adopt to the changing technology along with meeting the demands of viewers. Whether it be print or electronic media, journalists should strive to be objective. Unfortunately, the art is now lost. Thomas Payne, the author of "Common Sense", was never put in the position for peer review and was not so vain . Presently, print journalists present articles for the sole purpose of peer acceptance and not for the public digestion. Customers receiving the New York Times and Los Angles Times know full well reporters jobs are at stake but yet they digest the "misinformation" provided. Electronic Media may be worse since each has a stake in the the ratings. We must not forget the STANDARDS "(Who,What,Where,Why & When)".

Libusters had the privilege to ask Print and Electronic Media about their views for the "Decline Of American Values" Each could not respond. However, when Libusters asked a Veterans Group, each responded "We did not volunteer to defend America for the likes of Socialist Obama" There is a pattern between the media and veterans. The real story is "American Veterans served for America in multiple locations because of the belief of freedom". These are the primary questions if the Media decides to do the job they supposedly learned in college. The "How" should be asked by responsible journalists for each media outlet

Is this the scope of the education received? If not, continue school then return when a higher GPA is achieved.