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Hey Public Servants, Kindergarten Recess IS OVER.

Central California Farmers, which provide a major portion of Food to the United States and the World as well, gathered to protest the Government's decision to prevent water in order to grow crops. The reasons are yet unknown, other than the possibility increasing food prices world wide. However, American Farmer's have a well informed idea.

According to Central California Farmer Ryan Ferguson:

"The purpose of the protest was to draw attention to the fact the government is failing the citizens of the United States. Our politicians are willing to compromise the safety of the American food supply, and drive up the cost of food during a recession. Third and Fourth Generation family farms are going to wither away; unless the government steps on as it should to protect America's family farms, and the nations food supply instead of special interests and boched science."

Our good friends in Holland- like New Orleans- are under sea level. The only difference is Holland managed to survive.

Unfortunately, in Central California, there is a fight for survival and will depend on groups to return the very same water destined to the sea back to the rightful owners rather than utilize conditions to further world hunger.