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Liberum Veto

Never before has America faced such a difficult Question- Are we a country divided by hatred or a country of compassion?.

From local church gatherings, hair salons and truck stop restaurants- Americans discuss the direction the country is headed. The best interests of America now becomes front and center.

Lately, race has unfortunaly evolved. From the Duke Lacross Hearings to Presidet Obama stating "The Police were Stupid". The reality of truth is now put before regular citizens. Racism begins at home and how children are raised. This actually applies anamals.

"A dog from the east coast has a different accent than one from the west coast"
(Lindamood Psycohology Thesis UNO "Animals Are Racist Due To The Handler")

Based on the study -"Racism Begins At Home"

Discussion will begin when all parties realize and recognize each person have their own needs and heritage.

Race and Gender has become an issue only by the extended campaign of the Democrat Party while the GOP sits idly by. President Obama, according to President Clinton, fully intended to use race as a way to gain votes. Now, President Obama contines to pull the race card.

  • After the results of Rodney King making millions, The Duke Lacrosse Team losing millions and Bill Cosby Stating "It Starts At Home" When will it end?
  • Parents are the only answer , not someone saying "Society is against you"

America is not a place to use race in order to acheive personal gain like MediaMatters or use. If anything, they are the reason journalism is "dead".