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Separation between Church and State has no bearing on major campaigns. Decision 2008 brought testimony to this fact. Religion has become a major factor during this election season. One problem-After elected and taking the oath with a hand on the bible situated within government property, the candidate will quickly return to defend the rights of extremists rather than the will of voters. Thus becomes a new term "Political Religious Freedom".

Presently, there are no religious freedoms in America due to a never ending pursuit by the ACLU to remove God from all we are accustomed to. Schools, Courts and Cities have all seen the pressure only to succumb to the needs of the few. What is next, the values we hold so dear in the home?

Decision 2008 also brought a variety of religious experiences. On one hand a candidate had to explain his religion and on the other hand a candidate had to refute his religion. For some reason polls suggest which candidate has the moral majority and then quickly fade into ...........

Midterm elections in 2010 found an uprising with the American People. The majority tired of "political correctness" and progressive attempts to remove God from every aspect of the daily routine.

Polls are just an instrument used to describe exactly what voters are feeling at the particular moment. Has there once been a poll on how Jesus felt when he was judged? Let the chickens come home to roost and the mormons plow fields along with the rest of america rejoicing "one nation under god" and put religion in our hearts and not the minds of voters. If it were only that simple there would be no controversy. This is the time to take religion out of campaigns instead of having a false prophet in office to possibly appoint a Supreme Court Judge.

The court of public opinion should overwhelmingly support the strong voice of the American voters; however, the witness statements have been stricken from the record.

2012 may even reverse more of the change...

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