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While there are no plans from the Sierra Club to help with the man-made drought in Central California, Libusters is already creating and implementing steps to help our good neighbors in a serious time of need.

MENDOTA, Calif. - Consumers will pay more in grocery stores across the world now that California farmers have started abandoning their fields in response to a crippling man-made drought.

Let Libusters tear out a chapter titled "Environment for Dummys"so you can finally understand the damage created by your own misguided mission. Out of your $15 dollar membership fee, we demand you do what most americans are doing -contribute. Stop spreading vicious lies to achieve your goals and do the right thing to help bring pride back into the minds of citizens.

The Sierra Club has always advocated for growth paying its way spokeswoman Sandy Bahr said. "It's only right and fair to include those as part of the proposal."

Sierra Club, based on your own words "Pay your way or back away". Libusters challenges You and the UFW to help the good folks in Central Valley California rather than causing a World Wide Price Increase. Ethanol already produced nothing but higher food costs and now, because of a fish which should not be in the Sacramento Delta, food prices will skyrocket..

Webmasters take the challange--Webmasters For Water--. Political leaders thumb their nose at you so its time to show exactly how technology works. Link sites to all involved in order to stop this Government controlled food price increase.

This is not only frustration..Its A fight